"Best Ways To Entertain Friends at a Party"

Entertaining people is an art. You should do multi-faced entertainment for people who are guests, but it is not required to juggle, tell knock-knock jokes, or do back-flips. Though these things can work in small doses, the best thing you can do is to be attuned to what the crowd needs and to keep people interested in what you have to say. You might be entertaining guests at home or even outside cracking people up at a bar. Wherever you are it is required that the most important thing is to have confidence in yourself that whatever you're saying is worth listening to your guests, so that they are in a mood to hear more from you. 

Entertaining People Anywhere – STEP 1

Tell funny stories. It can be tricky to tell a story that can entertain a crowd and make people laugh. Some stories or jokes will be appreciated by a single person as a listener, while other types of stories really can win over a diverse group of people. Be sure that your story will embarrass any of the guests or family members. Any story while reciting should be kept as short as possible, but long enough to have entertaining details that leave people wanting more. 

Laugh at Yourself - STEP 2

Laugh at yourself. Once if you are ready to entertain others by laughing at yourself then you can be sure to hold other's interest. A natural entertainer has the confidence to know they're funny and don't take themselves too seriously and they can laugh at themselves. You could have a joke at your own expense if you show that you're comfortable with having a joke on you and even if the joke falls flat on you, and still be comfortable, the public will feel more at ease with you.  Make fun of yourself, be sure you will entertain the crowd in a goofy, silly, or offbeat way.

Ask Questions – STEP 3

Ask questions. If you know which questions to ask and can keep a person engaged, then you can keep people interested. Even if you may not think that asking questions is very entertaining as long as others' favourite topics are asked, there will be sufficient interest. While asking questions it should never appear as if you are interrogating people and also you act genuinely interested, then they'll be happy to open up about themselves. Here are some things you can ask them about:

Their pets, hobbies, favourite bands, favourite movies, least favourite TV shows, favourite thing to do to relax

Finding a Common Bond – STEP 4

 Finding a common bond is another way to entertain people. Favourite topics to be discussed by keeping everybody's interest are movies, books, places you've lived or visited; favourite sports teams, or other subjects that are likely to start a lively discussion and see what people think about those subjects. Soon enough, people will have a more engaging, fun conversation because you've provided the topic.

Let Others Talk –STEP 5

Let other people talk. By telling jokes, juggle oranges, do the moonwalk, etc. or just do a million things to keep your audience engaged. You have to take a break every once in a while to let someone else get a word in. It's likely that people won't really be entertained if you're trying too hard or talking 90% of the time. You need to make a strong, entertaining impression when you do have a chance to talk. 

Dance - STEP  6

Dance. Another way to entertain people is to show off some dance moves. You can definitely be very entertaining when it comes to busting out the dance moves whether you're a pro or a total amateur if you're willing to make a fool of yourself. If you have the confidence and that you don't worry about looking like a goofball that is the most important thing. There are many dance moves that you can practice to everybody's interest:

The moonwalk, The helicopter, The robot, The worm, Body pop and Twerking

Get other’s attention – STEP 7

Get their attention. Commanding attention is very important if you want to be entertaining.. Here's what you can do:

Speak in a well-modulated voice

Make eye contact when you speak

Ice Skating, Movies etc. – STEP 8

Finding an activity to do can help keep people entertained if you feel as if there's nothing more to talk about like take your friends to an ice-skating rink, the movies, or to a café etc. Activities which provokes thoughts and images that are entertaining to your friends being in a new environment where interesting things are happening stimulates the brain.