"How Deep Is The Ocean"

Standing on a beach, where your eyes fail to find its boundary from the furthest, did you ever try to discover what makes it so enticing and awe-inspiring? As much as beautiful it appears to every nature lover, it holds the same mystery and secrets for the foremost earth’s explorer. The sprawling and mystifying waves of the water body keep nurturing your thoughts about its real depth? Yes, exactly how deep is the ocean seems driving everyone crazy since no definitive answer has been found yet.

Notwithstanding, what parameters are there which determines the depth of the ocean? Since, we humans stay above the ground, we do not have any idea about how deep the ocean can go. Based on some comparisons, scales and contexts, we have never gone deep in the water more than 15 feet.
 However, you can consider an ocean deep with depth greater than 200 meters. An average depth of the entire ocean is 3500 meters.  

The oceanography experts describe the  oceanic depth based on the trenches sitting on their beds. The deepest point of the ocean located in the western Pacific is the Challenger Deep with a depth of 11 km. The distance of this remote place is as  far down as an airplane could fly high up in the different layers of the clouds. Rather than this, we have four other trenches in the western Pacific ocean. They are Tonga Trench, Kermadec Trench, and Kuril-Kamchatka Trench.
While we cannot dive deeper more than 15 ft in any form of water bodies, emperor penguins can dive deep under till 535 meters as compared to Seawolf. The oceanic trenches are to be blame  for hindering us from going deep down the ocean.

What Hinders Us From Getting Deep Down Under?
The ambience down there under the ocean is not quite friendly, and due to the hostile nature of the ocean, we cannot get deep under water without any of life support. The trenches are not easily navigable as the darkness reigns there with no signs of sunlight under. In addition to this, the depths of the ocean create immense pressure, which is equal to a one tone weight being tied on to your finger. So, reaching there is a dream.
When you go  beyond 1000 meters, you can see nothing but darkness, which is known as scary zones. But, the giant squids love to reside there.

How Deep Is Deep?
The depth of the ocean is decided based on different categories of zones.
. 2km down from the sea surface is known as ‘littoral zone’, the next zone is ‘bathyal zone’ with a depth of 2km-3km, and from 3km-6km sea depth is referred to as the ‘abyssal zone’. And anything which surpasses these depths is known as ‘hadal zone’. The  hadal zone is the largest one, having the most numbers of trenches.
If you still wonder and cannot make out the exact depth of the ocean, compare it with Mountain Everest instead. It is as equal as Mariana Trench with only a few miles to spare. From the perspective of trench science and common analogies, we cannot measure its exact depth because of its vulnerability.