"Smoking or Vaping which is worse"

Vaping being a comparatively new malice in the society, every discussion about vaping should include a comparison with the pros and cons of smoking. The reason is that most vapers were converted from smokers, and also most vipers are still smokers. On top of that, if vaping survives the huge challenges to its very existence, millions of would-be smokers will be diverted from cigarette addiction by low-risk nicotine alternatives like e-cigarettes.

All research has been done by people in the tobacco control field, whose interest is basically to get rid of all nicotine use from the society.

(1)Premature Death

(a)Around half of all long-term smokers will die prematurely from its effects. 

(b)The science of vaping is much newer, but what we do know is that no serious or widespread harms have been proven.

2) Smoking-related diseases

(a)According to the 2014 Surgeon General's report on smoking, about 16 million Americans suffer from some smoking-related disease, with 480,000 of them dying each year. 

(b)A comparison is made to see the major categories of health problems caused by smoking and see if vaping poses risks in the same areas.

3) Lung cancer

(a)Most people are familiar with cigarette smoking as a cause of lung cancer. The deadliest form of Cancer in America is Lung cancer that kills more Americans than any other kind of cancer. Most (but not all) lung cancer victims are smokers. It is a particularly brutal form of cancer. Cancers can form not just in areas that have contact with the smoke, but also from smoke by-products in the bloodstream and organs, however, smoking can cause many other kinds of cancer too. Some of the cancers that can be caused by smoking are Blood (leukaemia), Bladder, Cervix, Colon and rectum, Esophagus and trachea, Kidney and renal pelvis, Larynx, Liver, Lungs, Mouth and throat, Pancreas and Stomach.

Nicotine which is an essential component in cigarettes or e-cigs, or other nicotine products, does not cause cancer as such. Cancers from smoking are caused by the combustion of tobacco. Smoke produces a sticky chemical slurry called tar, and the tar clogs and coats delicate parts of the lungs. Over the course of years, the damage created by tar in the lungs can lead to tumour growth. Most of the cancer-causing substances in cigarette smoke are in the tar according to the National Cancer Institute (NCI). Damage is caused by tar that can lead to lung diseases like emphysema and bronchitis.

Within the tobacco control movement, it is being considered whether vaping greatly reduces health risk compared to smoking." E-cigarettes don't produce tar because they don't burn (or even contain) tobacco or other plant material. 

(b)The cancer danger of vaping is almost as low as for nicotine replacement therapies like patches and gumless than one per cent. 

(4)Heart disease and stroke


(a)A third of the heart diseases deaths in the United States are caused due to smoking every year. Those deaths come in the form of heart attacks, heart failure, stroke, sudden cardiac arrest, and several other kinds of cardiovascular events that can be caused by conditions in the body that are caused or made worse by smoking. As with cancer, nicotine isn't a primary cause of acute cardiovascular events. 

If you already suffering from heart disease, nicotine intake should definitely be reduced. Some of the dangerous compounds found in tobacco smoke are also found in vapour but in much lower concentrations. Heart disease and death by and large are caused by other things in smoke.

Due to Smoking, triglycerides can increase HDL or "good" cholesterol reduce, increase the buildup of plaque etc. in blood vessels. Damage is caused to the cells that line the vessels and also it can thicken and constrict the vessels. It reduces oxygen in the blood and makes it sticky and more prone to clot. And when blood clots, it can block the flow to the heart and brain, causing heart attacks and stroke.

(b) Any serious research regarding cardiovascular danger from vaping is yet to be finalized or published.

5) Lung diseases

(a)The third major disease group that smokers face is, for many, the most frightening. For victims, lungs stop functioning and die gasping for air. They're unable to inhale because their lungs stop functioning. As per CDC, damages to the lungs can occur in several ways that can lead to COPD. The walls between the alveoli are damaged and destroyed. The walls of the airways become swollen and inflamed. The airways produce too much mucus, which blocks air flow

(b)Reportedly, vaping does not cause COPD or any of its associated disease group. 


(a)Smoking causes some forms of asthma, and asthma is certainly made worse and flare-ups more common by smoking. Due to smoking, many symptoms are caused in the lungs that set the stage for asthma to flare.

(b)There is no evidence that vaping causes or worsens asthma. Even by a marginal reduction in smoking, Vaping shows signs of harm reversal in asthma sufferers.

7) Popcorn lung 

(a)Whether smoking or vaping have ever caused a case of popcorn lung is a troublesome question. (b)There is zero evidence that vaping causes popcorn lung, and lots of reasons to doubt that it ever will. But it is a messy issue. If you're interested in more detail, we've done a more in-depth look at the issue of popcorn lung.

(8)Pregnancy and smoking (and vaping)

(a)Smoking during pregnancy can cause tissue damage in the unborn child, according to the CDC. And because carbon monoxide in smoke reduces the amount of oxygen carried in the blood, it prevents the baby from getting enough, which may cause miscarriage.  

Due to smoking, pregnancy can lead to premature delivery, stillbirth, low birth weight, ectopic pregnancy, and cleft lip etc. in the child. It's also thought to cause Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

Studies with NRT use among pregnant women have shown no harm to babies from using nicotine without smoking during pregnancy. 

(b) Due to vaping, it is likely that no harm to children would occur from mothers vaping while pregnant. While vaping so far hasn't been proven to cause any actual diseases or serious chronic conditions, it is known to have some annoying side effects. 

Health effects of vaping

You've seen how vaping hasn't been proven to cause any major health risks like smoking has. But does it cause any known problems? The answer is a resounding…sort of.


Dry skin, Dry mouth, Dry eyes, Scratchy or a sore throat, Coughing, Headache, Nosebleed etc. are caused by Vaping and one has to drink a lot of fluids to stay hydrated. 

Given here are some of the aspects compared to smoking and vaping. From the comparison, it is clear that vaping is much lesser worse and hence less dangerous compared to smoking even though it has also its own disadvantages. 

From the above-mentioned results (Refer 1 to 8 ‘b'), it is clear that Vamping is a lesser evil compared to smoking.