"What to do when your being robbed"

In case of being robbed, you may go for the following advice.

How to defend yourself
1) Yell FIRE, not help. Fire is one word most people will respond to. If you merely yell help or rape, chances are they don't want to get involved and leave you to your fate. It also draws attention to what's going on, which the robber won't want and probably dash away. 

2) If they ask for your purse, don't hand it straight to them...throw it behind them as far as you can. They will most likely run for the bag, leaving you to run the other direction. Get yourself to a public place and call the police. I say public because these people do not want attention on themselves. 

3) If you're in your car, and someone tries to hold you up from the outside, try to shake him off and drive as soon as possible. 

4) When fighting for your life ANYTHING can be a weapon. You're pocket book that probably weights about 10-20 pounds, depending on just how much makeup you have in it. Well, that's a 10 pound weight upside someone's head. That spiked shoe a lot women like to wear, that can cause some damage as well. Pepper in the eyes, table salt, clorox, hairspray, dirt...all those in the eyes can get you away from this psycho if you have them handy. Basically, think creative as much as you can. 

5) If you're grabbed, jab the eyes as hard as you can with both hands. Poke them like you mean it. It can give you a chance to run. 

Stomp a foot, heels are great for this. 

6) It takes little effort to crush someone's windpipe if they've grabbed you. 

Martial Arts
7) Take a self-defence course. Learn how NOT to be a victim. 

I'm not just talking about Karate. There are courses offered by a lot of police stations that teach women how to defend themselves. Chances are they can tell you where to find such a course. Just your basic streetwise methods. My uncle used to teach one. 

8) Be street wise...never walk at night by yourself. And if it's daylight, it's still good to have a friend with you.

9) In case if you are a martial arts expert, try to joke around with so as to distract him/her. Then kick the person in the knee because the knee locks and add pressure because that really hurts. Then try to use whatever you have as a weapon (apparently prisoners can make paper and plastic forks and plastic spoons into weapons). Threaten the person and start screaming to grab attention so someone can help you. If there is multiple people trying to rob you, look for an open store or somewhere where you can get help. 

Be wise in dealing with them
10) Do all you can not to provoke them. Give up what you got. Actually, let them get the wallet out for you. Better than getting hurt because they think you have a weapon. Material things can be replaced. Never put yourself into a position knowingly where you can become a target. Avoid dark places and parking lots. I hope I will just give it up but secretly I think I might fight and get hurt.

11) Having been mugged I think I can offer some advice... If they tell you to get strip and give them everything you own on you don’t do it. Show them that you're willing to fight if forced to but that you don’t want to, if possible. So tell them where your wallet is and how they can get it from you without making you have to fight. Don’t reach into your pockets to pull it out unless they tell you to cause they may think u have a gun or something. The people robbing you are desperate for money. Hence your best bet is to give it up as long as you think you can get away alive. What happened to me is I got approached by 2 men about my size and they told me to hit the floor and strip to basics. I put up my arms in a fighting stance then said to them this is stupid, so I don’t want to hurt you or myself. Then they punched me and reached in to take my wallet. I let them take the money from it and left me with my wallet.